Monday, 9 May 2016

19th Feb, 2016

I was born on 19th of Fabulous, ops!

I hate my birthday every year. Because I know, there's only a few people who remember my birthday. Em, nope I don't need everyone to wish me on that day. I just want the person who closed to me to be there for me. 

There this one girl, who never missed to make surprise on my birthday. The same girl, since 2011. I don't know what makes her to "always be there" every 19th of Feb, every year. She never missed to turn up during my birthday. So this year, she managed to keep her drama on her planned. She told me that she got quiz and classes to attend that day. My birthday is on Friday, btw. So I said nevermind, just focus on your uni life. I don't mind if she didn't make it this time. I don't want to be selfie, to let her be on my day so that I won't feel alone or lonely at all.

So on 18th Feb, someone texted me..
"hello ms Tera. Please dress up nicely tomorrow bcs someone are waiting for you at Starbucks, Teluk Chempedak at 5:00pm" wait..I don't remember what actually that person texted me but it sounds like that. I don't know who, I don't know whose number is that. But I already guessed that was her. But she said that she can't make it to see me bcs of her uni life. 

Lol yeah, keep lying babe~

Oh BTW! I was working at my mom's place that day. Yeah, my mom won't give me a chance to go out and celebrate with my friends. I was so busy that day, its Friday.. Please noted Starbucks only 3 minutes from my mom's place. But then, I almost forgot to go to Starbucks at 5pm, I almost forgot...I was at Starbucks around 5:30pm. Then there she is, Eryn..

I TOLD YA SHE GOOD AT LYING PEOPLE. MY BIRTHDAY IS FULL OF DRAMA OKAY. Okay I don't want this entry to be long. So I'll just share the pictures!!
Awh, don't you think that she's so sweet?!

Yes, I feel like a date. Plus, there's roses..

You know why she gave me roses? Because her name is Rose Ereena.

The best birthday date so far. From my best girlfriend :)

I'm so blessed to have her around. She knows how to make me happy. I'm glad that she's my girl.

Ta x

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